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Guajillo Smokey Roasted Pepper Sauce

1 review
I'm loving your sauces! It's all I can do to stop myself from using an entire bottle at each meal.
Chris B., Kansas City MO
The literal best hot sauce I have ever had. It's almost gone cuz I can't NOT put it on EVERYTHING.
Aurora M., Portland OR
This hot sauce is the best and we use it as a base for bbq sauce and many other dishes including Jamacian jerk. Can't live without the tamarind!
Maya K., Venice CA
I use guajillo on everything. More than once, I've eaten an entire bottle with chips for dinner.
Mike W., Salem OR
The Bibimbap has taken the throne in my hot sauce holster — however, I don't expect it to last the weekend.
Nicole S., New York NY
HYCH has delicious sauces that my family loves!! They are spicy without being too hot. I highly recommend this sauce company and now I think I’m going to make an omelette and top it with some of their sauce!
Bonnie K., Salem OR
I'm no gourmet chef, but these sauces make me feel like I am.
Amy B., Hendersonville NC
HYCH made me rethink what hot sauce should taste like! Their flavors take you on a culinary journey that I haven't found anywhere else. Their Guajillo (my favorite) brings you south of the border with a wonderful flavor profile and the perfect touch of heat.
Josh M., Salem OR