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HYCH: Our Story

Welcome to HYCH, we’re glad you’re here. We launched our craft hot sauce company in our home kitchen in Salem, Oregon, in 2016.

Why? Because we were tired of bringing home hot sauces that were too hot to cook with and enjoy. We created HYCH (as in “hitch” a ride to amazing flavors!) to bring you hot sauces with Heat You Can Handle.

We love to travel and explore local cuisines around the world. We hope you do, too, because we’ve built our entire line around our favorite global flavors. 

Catharine was raised in North Carolina and has lived in Iceland, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Tucson, Sacramento, Portland and a few spots in between.

Matt grew up in Colorado and has worked as a chef in Mexico, Alaska, Denver, Costa Rica, Oregon, and Seattle. He served as Director of Education and Executive Chef of the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, OR. Matt's deep culinary knowledge developed over decades in the kitchen shines through in our perfectly balanced, complex flavors.

We love traveling the world because it helps us better understand our own culture and reminds us that, at the heart of it, we all love to laugh and eat good food!

Grab your passport and join us on one of our upcoming culinary retreats! From Korean Bibimbap sauce to wine retreats in Tuscany, we've got your wanderlust covered.

— Matt & Catharine